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To locate the Indio Cashback Loans, exit the 10 at Monroe and you’ll find us in the Indio Shopping Plaza. Enjoy the views at Joshua Tree National Park, and then take a short trip to visit us at Cashback Loans for assistance with an application. We love helping students, young parents, and seniors find the financial flexibility they need.

About this store

Cashback Loans wants to help you find the best hassle-free solution to your short-term cash needs. To help you regain your financial flexibility in order to pay unexpected bills or make large purchases, we provide safe and secure loan transactions throughout Southern California.

Visit the Cashback Loans location in Indio to apply for a fast easy payday advance and experience the friendly service we provide. Our reliable application process ensures you get approved for a loan quickly and easily, no hidden fees or strings attached.

Our reputation for knowledgeable service and helpful staff comes from over ten years in the short-term loan industry. At Cashback Loans in Indio, you’ll be able to take advantage of competitive loan offers and great customer service. We strive to help you find the best no-hassle solution to all of life’s financial challenges.

To find out more about Cashback Loans in Riverside County, call the amiable customer service team at (844)-489-4880, visit us online, or come in-person to one of our stores. We’ll be happy to discuss loan options with you.

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