Between flowers, dinner, and what’s likely an exorbitant gift, Valentine’s Day can come at a hefty price. It begs you to ask the question, what ever happened to the idea that the best things in life are free?

Instead of stressing over a luxurious gift, and the means by which you can afford it, plan a thoughtful Valentine’s Day full of sweet gestures that are not only inexpensive, but truly show how much you care. Try one of these five ways to share the love come V-Day all for under $50:

Couple cooking together

Plan a Home-Cooked & Romantic Dinner

A fancy meal out sounds like a prime idea for Valentine’s Day, but drinks alone can cost more than you might realize.

Food and alcohol tends to cost more at a venue. So, instead of booking a reservation, plan a romantic dinner at home.

Cook your significant other’s favorite meal and dessert, purchase a bottle of wine, and set the table with a nice table cloth and some candles. You’ll not only create an idyllic setting but have a more intimate night by steering clear of the crowds. 

Couple watching a movie together

Have a Romantic Movie Marathon

A night at the cinema is a time-honored date night. Unfortunately, in today’s society the cost of movie tickets and theater fare can run you upward to $60.

In place of a night out, set up your own romantic movie theater at home. Celebrate the day of love by renting a few romance movies, or your partner’s favorites, set up some of your favorite snacks and popcorn, and cuddle in on the couch for a romantic marathon.

Fondue strawberry by the fire

Have a Cozy Night in By the Fire

Since February is still a time for chilly weather, a roaring fire is usually a welcome sight. Take advantage of the bitter outdoors by arranging some blankets and pillows in front of the fire and enjoy a Valentine’s dessert.

Utilize the fire by roasting s’mores or opt for some delicious fondue complete with strawberries. After all, there’s nothing quite as romantic as a cozy evening by a crackling fire.

Couple ice skating

Plan a Day Full of Their Favorite Things

Show your affection by organizing an entire day out full of your significant other’s favorite activities and spots. Whether you go ice skating, hit all your favorite stores, go on a hike, or enjoy a drink at a favorite venue or coffee shop, you can find plenty of activities at little to no cost.

By simply remembering your loved one’s favorite activities, you’ll no doubt show your love. Another great day out option is to revisit some of your first dates and activities as a couple.

Couple star gazing

Cuddle Up & Stargaze

As mentioned, February can be pretty chilly depending on where you live. Nonetheless, snuggling to stay warm is the epitome of romance.

So, if you can handle the cold, grab some blankets and some warm coffee or hot coco and find a picturesque spot to lie under the stars. You can make the night even more special by bringing along a wireless speaker and playing some of your most cherished loved songs.


Receiving a rose

Showing how much you care, doesn’t have to equate to how much you spend.


Showing how much you care, doesn’t have to equate to how much you spend. In fact, you just might find that some of the dates and gestures that cost the least are by far the most romantic and meaningful. With all the other holidays and occasions throughout the year, Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be another celebration that breaks your bank account. This year consider planning one of these romantic nights that’ll show your love and save you money.

What are some activities you could plan for a day out that are free? What are some inexpensive ways you could decorate your home for a night in?

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