As the temperatures rise, it’s all too easy to want to stay inside near the cool air. Even so, don’t let the high heat deter you from enjoying the relaxing and fun activities of summer. After all, the cold and snow will be in the forecast before you know it.

With a little creativity, you can enjoy an array of summer activities to keep yourself cool and stay within budget. Before racking up the cost of your a/c, consider getting out of the house with these five frugal ways to beat the heat.

1. Find a Local Watering Hole

You don’t have to have a pricey club membership or pay for an expensive water park to take a dip in the water. Seek out a local lake or river or find a public pool. Who remembers the old fashion Slip ‘n Slides? They are super cheap at discount stores and offer hours of fun for kids.

Even if you don’t live near a beach, there’s no doubt some sort of body of water nearby that you can float and relax in at little to no cost to you.


2. See a Summer Blockbuster

Running your a/c on high all summer is going to be extremely costly in the coming months. Give your home a break and spend some time in public air conditioning.

With summer full of blockbuster movies, opt to go see a matinee. You’ll not only get out of the heat and humidity, but by going to a matinee you’ll save money on movies as well. Moreover, many theaters offer a summer series in which they show kids movies for as cheap as a dollar or two. And, don’t forget to check your community events. Many cities offer movies in the park, often offering free admission. Geared for the family, these free movies offer a family night out. Pack some snack, grab a blanket and make the most of your city’s offering.

3. Enjoy the Night Air

Even in the dead of summer, night has a tendency to bring cooler weather. Take advantage of the breeze come sunset by finding a great spot to stargaze.

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Whether you’re alone, with friends, or a significant other, stargazing can be a fantastic way to enjoy a summer night and enjoy one another’s company – all for free. And if you want a little more entertainment, consider renting a projector and hanging a sheet in the backyard to create your own outdoor movie theatre.

4. Utilize Your Local Library

The lazy days of summer provide a great opportunity to catch up on your reading list and possibly discover some great, new titles. Take a break from the hundred-degree weather and take a visit to your local library.

Library cards are usually free, and many libraries offer an array of resources and activities to suit every member of your family. From video games, music, and DVDs to books new and old to story times and events for the kids; if you haven’t stepped foot inside your library in a while, you might be surprised at all it has to offer at no cost!

5. Cook Up Some Frozen Goodies

When the temperature hits its peak there’s nothing better than a frozen treat. Whether your go-to is ice cream, popsicles, fro-yo, or smoothies, have fun making your own version at home.

Pinterest has an array of tasty recipes for every variety of frozen food. Furthermore, if you have a family, making these treats at home can be a great activity for the kids to enjoy and learn a new skill.

Summer may bring the heat, but that doesn’t mean you have to hole up inside next to the air conditioner. In fact, doing so means you not only rack up your a/c bill, but miss out on opportunities to have some summer fun. By getting a little creative and utilizing some of the resources near you, you can beat the high temps of summer and stay within your monthly budget.

What are some of your favorite summer recipes? What are some other inexpensive swimming options?

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