How to Save Money on Kids Sports

Registering your kids for organized sports is a fun way to keep them busy and active. It’s a great way to encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, communication and self-confidence. Not to mention, team sports give a focus on physical fitness – an … Continued

Back to School Savings Guide

Did you know the average cost of back to school spending for kids from K-12 is $634.78 per child? Whoa! That’s a lot, especially when several kids are involved. Do you also have a big kid going to college soon? … Continued

Make The Most of Amazon’s Prime Day

Prime Day, Amazon’s 48-hour-long answer to Black Friday, provides customers’ across the tech giant’s business the chance to make significant summer savings on a variety of products starting on July 15th. There is just one catch, you have to be … Continued

Summer Savings Guide for Families

There are many things families can do to save money throughout the year, but the summer months can hold their own unique set of challenges. Families with young, school aged children face increased child care or having to rearrange their … Continued