Prime Day, Amazon’s 48-hour-long answer to Black Friday, provides customers’ across the tech giant’s business the chance to make significant summer savings on a variety of products starting on July 15th. There is just one catch, you have to be a Prime member to take advantage. 

Fortunately, Amazon offers a number of trial membership periods customers can take advantage of. Students, for example, can join for free for six months, allowing them to take advantage of Prime membership benefits such as next-day delivery and free access to Prime’s streaming service, which now includes significant sport’s coverage in the UK, including much of the tennis calendar and, from next year, a number of English Premier League matches. 

And there are options available for non-students as well. All new customers are entitled to a free 30- day trial, which features all the same benefits as a full Prime membership, including access to all the best deals on Prime Day. But, if you’re only interested in the free trial, make sure to know when it ends as Amazon will automatically charge a full months membership fee at the end of the trial period, at a starting rate of $12.99 in the USA. 

Big savings on Amazon products 

For customers who have been saving up for a new piece of tech, Prime day marks the perfect time to buy. There is the chance to make serious savings on everything from laptops to televisions to headphones. The savings on offer on Prime day should allow customers to invest in quality that might otherwise be outside their price range, allowing them to benefit from year’s of high-quality technology without breaking the bank. 

Some of the biggest savings to be made on Prime Days in the past have been on Amazon’s own brand items. Last year, that included the Amazon Fire stick, which though perhaps not the very best item of its kind, offers real convenience at a very reasonable cost. It is certainly a much more affordable option than Apple TV. All the more so if it is again put on sale. The Amazon Echo was also available on sale last year, with particularly good deals available on refurbished models. 

Portable speakers were also a great area to make savings in 2018. Though the most dedicated music fans will probably want to steer clear, for those who listen more casually a portable speaker can be a great investment. Prices vary quite widely, largely based on sound quality, reliability and battery life, which customers should consider carefully before making a purchase. But the vast majority tend to be durable, making them more than able to survive being the rough and tumble of everyday life whilst waterproofness is also increasingly common. 

A number of tablets have also gone on sale already ahead of Prime Day, which suggests that could be an area for customers looking for savings on tech to target. Particularly because Amazon has invested heavily in developing its own tablets in recent years, with its range now including the ever-popular Kindle e-book reader and the Amazon Fire tablet. 

Other deals to investigate 

But it’s not just Amazon’s own products that will be going on sale on Prime Day. Amazon has recently become an Apple authorised retailer. That suggests that there will be significant amounts of Apple hardware going on sale across the 48 hours of Prime Day. That is good news for anyone considering investing in a new MacBook or iPad. So far this year, every iPad model has been on sale at least once for Amazon’s US customers and that trend seems certain to be carried into Prime Day. 

But Prime Day’s offers are not limited to tech items. Amazon sells everything from outdoor furniture to food. That means that Prime Day offers the chance for customers to make savings on a huge variety of purchases. Nor is it just at Amazon where you will be able to make savings during Prime Day. Other retailers are offering competition to the tech giant with sales of their own, including eBay, which has been offering items at reduced prices since the start of July. 

Approach with caution 

Although Amazon’s Prime Day offers a great chance to make savings, like any sale it should be approached with caution. Setting a budget before you start to shop and having the self-discipline to stick to is absolutely essential. Prime Day will offer 48 hours of great deals, but not all on things you need. Of course, part of the fun of any sale is getting the chance to buy one or two luxury items that you want but don’t need. Amazon’s Prime Day is no different in that regard to more traditional shopping holiday’s like Black Friday. But having an idea of what you plan to buy before you start shopping is always a good approach to a sale and never more so than in an online sale. 

It is also well-worth using a price tracking extension or app whilst you shop. Not all deals on offer on Prime Day are as good as they first appear, but price tracking tools will be able to inform you whether the savings on offer are really as big as they seem. These can include PriceZombie and SlickDeals, which both offer price tracking services across the majority of internet retailers or more specialised apps like CamelCamelCamel, which focus principally on Amazon. But whichever price tracker you decide on should be able to help you steer clear of any bad deals on Prime Day. 

Keep these tips and tricks in mind this July for Prime Day and Amazon’s biggest sale of the year could very well present the perfect opportunity to make some serious savings.

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