Did you know August is the most common birth month in the US? According to CDC statistics, roughly 9% of all births occur in August. Chances are you know someone with a Summer birthday and that makes sense because it puts conception around the winter holiday season.

With August being such a popular time for celebrating birthdays, we thought it would be fun to explore a handful of inexpensive, yet meaningful gift ideas perfect for anyone on your gift list.

Photo Print on Stretched Canvas

Websites like easycanvasprints.com will place your favorite photo onto a stretched canvas. An 8×8-inch print is under $5.00. That’s the perfect size to place on a desk or small table. What a fun idea for a co-worker or family member.

Grab a favorite photo of a shared event and have it made into a piece that will serve as a daily reminder of great memories.

Sublimation Print

Sublimation printing is very trendy right now and it’s a simple way to add photos or your own art to a variety of surfaces including coffee mugs, canvas bags, t-shirts and more. If you don’t know someone who does this, you can order items online for under $20. Zazzle is a great site to design items using your own images. Cafepress is another option.

Ashley Hardcover Blank Books

These little hardcover books are solid white and easy to customize from the cover to the pages. Many teachers use them for their students to write and illustrate their own stories. Office Supply stores carry these in different sizes for as little as $2.00 each. They feature archival quality paper, ensuring your creation will remain in good condition for years to come.

If you’re artistic you can let your imagination run wild. One year my mother used one and drew a “comic book” depicting my children and their hilarious adventures. It is the most treasured gift I have ever received from her. When you think meaningful gift, it’s not always the object itself, but the personal touch you put into it that matters.

Don’t like to draw? Add meaningful quotes and a photo collage, mixed media or make it into a scrapbook with favorite photos or other keepsakes.

A Potted Plant

Purchase a nice terracotta pot and decorate it. This is the time of year where you can find them on sale in many places. Plant something fun or functional that’s easy to care for like a succulent, herb or even an aloe vera plant to keep in the kitchen to treat burns. Terracotta pots are inexpensive and durable. Multi-surface paints are ideal or use regular acrylics and a good sealer. Decoupage is another option for custom flower pots. Be sure to use a good, moisture-resistant sealer.

Discounted Gift Cards

Ok, so the card itself isn’t meaningful, but the experience behind it is. Websites like cardcookie.com or giftcards.com sell discounted gift cards. For example, you can get a $25 AMC theater movie card for $20. Use the discount for a fun night out instead of a trinket.

Add on to this by checking Groupon or other deals sites for dinner or other events and make a day of it.

Daily Encouragement

Do a quick search for daily encouragement cards or notes and you’ll see a variety of products for under $20. This is a great gift for anyone going through a rough time or dealing with stress. Small daily reminders lift the spirits and soothe the soul. This is a simple gift that anyone can appreciate.

You can get creative here as well with good card stock and a laminating machine.

Thrift Store and Flea Market Finds

No, one shouldn’t shop the thrift stores to be cheap, but for something meaningful and nostalgic. A good thrift shop or flea market can provide a one-of-a-kind gift. Pick up a vintage toy someone grew up loving, or an item of decor that takes them back to their childhood or a happy time in their life. They’ll enjoy the trip down memory lane and you’ll have given them something that triggers happy memories. You can reimagine items or package them in fun ways.

Meaningful gifts don’t have to break the bank and with a bit of planning, it can be simple to give someone a gift they’ll always remember whether it’s a memory, an experience or something to make their daily lives a little bit easier.

About Christin Sander

Christin is a simple living, frugal, DIY enthusiast who loves showing others how to live their best by embracing simplicity. She works full time as a freelance writer and artist.


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