In today’s fast-paced economy, millennials may not have the same job security as their parents and grandparents, but they do have more options than ever before when considering educational and career paths. This is largely the result of the technological revolution, which has had a massive impact on our daily lives and created opportunities that didn’t exist even a few years ago. As a result, there are numerous new fields of employment which are quickly expanding and offering considerable financial incentives. But which millennial job opportunities might be right for you?

Millennial Job Opportunities

Software Developer/Engineer

We use software every day whether we realize it or not – and software developers and engineers make it all happen. They are the ones who design, test and update the apps and software programs that make our lives easier. As a result, a vast array of companies need software specialists and there currently aren’t enough qualified candidates available to fill open positions. That ensures that those with the necessary skills are often able to pick and choose which position suits them best with a freedom few can rival. Computers, smartphones and tablets aren’t going anywhere and this field is one that is sure to steadily grow for years to come.

Data Analyst/Scientist

Data analysts and scientists deal with processing and analyzing the vast quantities of data that we create through our use of technology, which is often referred to as ‘big data’. Every time we use an app or software program, we are creating data points that are analyzed by companies for business purposes. Data analysts and scientists help make sense of this data and help companies make smarter decisions, making them a sought after resource for businesses big and small.

Physician Assistant

Many people interested in the medical field have pursued physician assistant degrees, a job that doesn’t require as many years in school, or the student loans that come with such a lengthy education, to become a fully-fledged medical doctor. Indeed, many physician assistant programs only call for a master’s degree. Although this does mean that they must work under the supervision of an M.D., the role provides the chance to undertake a significant and fulfilling career in medicine, with a salary that can top $100,000 per year. Unsurprisingly then, it is one of the fastest growing fields, with millennials making up 38% of the profession.

Project Manager

Every successful business has employees who are relied on to oversee and execute projects that help the company to grow by assisting its customers or expanding its client base. Project managers are those employees in charge of overseeing various initiatives, assigning responsibilities, monitoring progress, making adjustments, and ensuring projects are completed correctly and on time. This requires good interpersonal skills and an understanding of how successful projects are brought to completion, as well as an organized approach. Project managers are employed in a variety of industries including IT, construction, banking and more – making it an appealing option no matter what fields you are interested in.

Graphic Designer

With the rise of the internet and groundbreaking software programs, the role of a graphic designer is more exciting today than ever before. While most graphic designers in the past spent their days sketching, today’s designers use cutting-edge software to create eye-catching and compelling graphics for clients, which allows them far greater creative freedom than pen and paper. Graphic design is a key component of any marketing campaign and, as long as there is advertising, the field will continue to grow.

Business Analyst

Companies must be efficient and adaptable to remain competitive in the marketplace. And similarly to data analysts, business analysts play a vital role in ensuring that companies make smart choices regarding the processes and structures of their organization. Business analysts are indispensable for many companies due to their ability to bring together different departments and coalesce a wide range of information to ensure overall success. For these reasons, more and more millennials are opting for a career as a business analyst.

These are just a few of the fields of employment that are quickly growing and offer high-paying salaries. Whether you are a high school or college student looking at career options, or a professional seeking to make a switch, it may be well-worth exploring the above options to see if any would be a good fit for you.

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