Easter is a wonderful day with loved ones and, usually, beautiful spring weather.

With Easter just one short week away, now is the time to begin preparing.

Easter Sunday tends to be filled with new spring outfits, baskets full of treats, and brunch and food in abundance. Of course, like any holiday, all the preparations and goodies come at a cost.

Kid with bunny and easter basket

That being said, taking time to celebrate Easter doesn’t have to negatively impact your budget. Instead of going above your budget, try these four ways to save on this year’s Easter celebration.

1. Get Smart About Dinner

Unfortunate as it may seem, food is quite the costly expense. Taking on an entire dinner yourself is one surefire way to break your budget.

Instead of purchasing all the food yourself, opt for an Easter potluck. Take care of the main dish or meat and have all guests sign up to bring the side dishes and dessert.


And if you want to save even more, choose less traditional options for your meal. Instead of the standard ham, go for a lower-demand and less expensive choice like brisket or something on sale.

easter egg hunt

2. Be Creative with Easter Baskets

It’s not Easter without the Easter basket. Of course, the price of candy and other Easter goodies is significantly higher during the coming week.

If you can, wait to purchase candy as close as you can to the holiday, as it might already be on sale by then. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to reuse old baskets; after all, it’s what’s in the basket that matters to kids.

And when it comes to knickknacks and toys, try your local dollar store and some non-traditional Easter items like puzzles, small clothing items, coloring books, and sidewalk chalk, etc. They’ll be less expensive than traditional Easter toys and treats.

mom and daughters in easter dresses

3. Don’t Splurge on Brand New Outfits

Easter brings about visions of families dressed in their Sunday best full of pastel colors. While it’s fun to have a new outfit for the day, it’s also a costly and unnecessary expense on an outfit you might not wear again.

Instead, shop sale racks and discount stores or opt to borrow and swap with close friends and family. Moreover, if you’d really like to treat everyone to something, purchase just one, reusable item, and then mix and match it with items you already have.

4. DIY Your Decor

Decorations often end up costing more than you’d think. Instead of going to a craft or home goods store, consider making your own decor. Find great DIY crafts on sites like Pinterest to create centerpieces, hanging decorations, and even DIY egg dying accessories all for a much lower cost.

decorating easter eggs

A festive and enjoyable Easter for the whole family is possible without splurging and breaking the bank. By finding some great alternatives and getting creative with your shopping, you can put on a wonderful Easter gathering for a lower cost.

What’s your favorite Easter tradition? What’s a great way you’ve saved on goodies for your Easter baskets?

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