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3 Top Gift Ideas

The season for twinkling lights, greenery, and pretty ornaments is finally upon us. In fact, retailers have long-ago put these things out to decorate for the holidays.

Their pretty displays encourage holiday shopping and make it a fun experience for their customers. However, no amount of store decorations can reduce the stress of Christmas shopping for some people.

For instance, when you need gifts for people you don’t know well, or forgot to buy a gift for until the last-minute, figuring out what to get isn’t easy. But here are 3 top gift ideas for some of the hard-to-buy-for people on your list.


Christmas Cookies

1. Snacks

Food items are nearly always a great gift for teachers. One reason is because it is a consumable product instead of another trinket they don’t have room for on a desk or wall.

Another reason food is a good choice for a teacher gift is because you can tailor it to their specific likes and dislikes, if you know them. But if you don’t, you can get a treat basket from containing a variety of items and practically guarantee that a few will still please them.

Using gift card online

2. Gift Cards

You can choose to give the gift of choice to a teacher you don’t know well by purchasing a gift card for them. This is particularly helpful when you have more than one teacher to buy a gift for.

There are a variety of different options available through Gift Pick a few and finish your Christmas shopping with ease.

Teacher with students

3. School Supplies

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, teachers spend about $500 per year of their own money on school supplies for their classrooms. If parents pitch in to help absorb some of the costs they could relieve at least a portion of the financial burden teachers currently shoulder alone.

School supplies are another great holiday gift choice for teachers for this reason. You can go to Discount School Supply to get many of them at bargain prices.


Candles and Towels

1. Relaxation

Chances are your coworkers put in as many hours as you do and work just as hard. Show them you appreciate working along-side them by giving them a gift they can use to relax and unwind.

A great choice with lots of different relaxation products is Bath & Body Works. Their prices are reasonable and they even put together packages in different price ranges to make shopping easier.

Laptop with keyboard protector

2. Computer Protection

Help your coworkers protect their digits by giving them keyboard protectors from Amazon as gifts this holiday season. They are priced reasonably and make a practical gift any coworkers would love.

Choose their favorite color to let them know you pay attention to what they like and you value their friendship.

person with broken cup

3. Correction

Have you ever broken something at work? It’s a common occurrence, but one you can help your colleagues correct easily.

Give them the gift of Bondic to help them fix those difficult to replace or repair items that accidently get damaged at work. The price is reasonable and your coworkers will thank you over and over for your thoughtfulness.


charging phone with portable charger

1. Phone Charger

We all have that one friend who forgets to charge her phone until it dies and then borrows ours. But you can keep yours to yourself by giving your friend a solar phone charger, from OpenSky, to use instead.

This on the go charger is small, lightweight, reasonably priced, and portable. What’s more, it could save your friend time and hassle when she really needs it.

Wine bottles in ice

2. Wine Glass Holder

When your BFF just needs a soothing bath and a glass of wine, come to her rescue with a wine glass holder from Amazon. This nifty item keeps accidents from happening that could prove disastrous – such as a broken wine glass on your bathroom floor.

To save her feet from glass slivers pick one from MG3D Designs and make sure you stay BFF’s for years to come.

push pins in map

3. Scratch Off Map

Traveling with a friend is always more fun. Keeping track of where you have traveled together is almost as fun.

Get a scratch off map from Groupon to help you record where you have been together and show you where you could go on your next great adventure.

Book Club

reading next to christmas tree

1. Book Bands

Get your book club friends a book band from Amazon to help them keep track of where they last left off on their fictional journeys. This is a great gift because it’s inexpensive but useful and decorative too.

embossed paper

2. Embosser

When your book club friend has trouble remembering which books belong to her and which don’t, help her out with a book embosser from Simply Stamps. Getting this handy tool will make her day and keep her organized too.

package delivery

3. Book Subscription Box

Your book lover friend will love the gift of more reading. Give them the gift that keeps on giving with a book subscription box from Cratejoy.


kids playing on hover board

1. Hover Board

One of the hottest gifts for kids right now is a hover board. These fun toys are for the older kids you may need a gift for.

The reason they are so popular is because they are something futuristic that until recently was only imagined. They don’t actually hover, but they are still pretty darn cool. You can pick up a cool one at

kid with lazer tag gun

2. Laser Tag

What better gift to give than one that will help your children get some exercise? Pick up a laser tag set for your kids from BCP and they will have hours of fun and activity.

kid tying shoe

3. LED Shoelaces

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, creative gift for a kid, look no further than the Super Spirograph from Amazon. This Spirograph set has more gears and shapes than the original but still gives your child hours of creative fun.

Holiday gift giving doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. Use some of these top gift ideas to make yours a merry one.

What gift ideas would you consider top for this year?

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