Shopping Apps to Save MoneyDo you love to save money when you shop? If you are like me the answer to that question is “yes”.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save money when you go shopping. For instance, you could use coupons if they are available, shop sales, or used secret codes from websites and emails. You could also combine some of these options if the store will allow it.

But now that so many people have smartphones it’s possible to use them to help you save even more. Here are 9 easy to use apps to help you save while shopping. 

1. CheckPoints

This app is one I was introduced to just a few months ago. There’s no charge for downloading it and you can use it to save while shopping.

It works by allowing you to scan certain products for points in the store while you shop. You accumulate the points and trade them later to earn free frequent flyer miles, accessories, gift cards, and more.

2. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a free app that allows you to snap a picture of a receipt from a restaurant or store to earn virtual coins. After you accumulate enough coins you can turn them in for a gift card.

Everyone shops for food and other necessities. This app gives you a chance to save while shopping and by earning a little money back.

3. Grocery iQ

Keep track of your grocery list and save while shopping with grocery iQ. It helps you find coupons and stores, sorts your grocery list, and more. These features can help you save time as well as money as you shop.

 Apps to Save Money Grocery Shopping

4. Shopkick

Another app that allows you to save on the shopping you are already doing is Shopkick. To earn rewards all you have to do is walk into a store, scan products, and earn gift cards.

5. Groupon

This app helps you find deals at nearby stores. It’s free to join, but you do pay half the value of the coupon to use it.

After buying the coupon you go to the store or restaurant it features and turn it in for double what you paid. If you plan to go to that retailer or eating establishment anyway, why not save while doing it?

6. GasBuddy

App to Save Money on GasGasBuddy is an app that enables you to save while shopping for the lowest gas prices nearby. In addition to saving on gas you earn points toward winning a weekly prize of $250 to be used on future gas purchases.

Gas is something we all use. So, while you are getting gas, save a little money at the same time with this app.



An app that collects money saving coupons for you is called This app allows you to save the coupons for future use in stores or for online purchases.

Instead of paying retail for everything you buy try out this app to save on what you must buy anyway.

8. PriceGrabber

Easy to use apps like PriceGrabber help you save while shopping. After downloading this app all you have to do is choose an item and scan it.

The app will let you know if there are other stores selling the same item for less money. You can also set up alerts to let you know when the price of an item has dropped.

9. Key RingMobile loyalty cards to save money

You can keep track of your store loyalty cards with the Key Ring app. It stores the cards for you freeing up room in your wallet or purse.

The app saves you money because you always have your loyalty cards with you on your phone. They are easy to find and always available.

Saving money while you shop is easy using apps. Since all of us have to shop for food, gas, and other items we might as well save while shopping using apps.


What apps do you use to help you save while shopping?

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