What Is a Cash Advance Loan?

An online cash advance is the same thing as a payday loan; It’s a short-term loan intended to help you get emergency cash to cover your costs until your next payday.

Cash advance loans are intended to help borrowers cover costs until their next payday. They are often issued in relatively low amounts, such as a few hundred dollars. The amount you can borrow depends on your income, the cash advance loan company you choose, and a few other factors.

Usually, cash advance loans require repayment in full on your next payday, along with applicable interest and financing fees. This means that cash advance loans usually must be repaid within 1-2 weeks of borrowing the money.

If you need a short-term loan to help you cover unexpected expenses or make it to your next payday, a cash advance loan from Cashback Loans is a solid option.

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Applying For a Cash Advance Online

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15-minute approval

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We offer immediate deposits at participating banks, next-day deposits for all other banks, and the option to visit one of our physical locations to pick up your funds.

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