Your Guide For Camping Savings

So, you want to get away for a few days, but it’s not really in your budget to stay in fancy hotels or travel far from home.  Perhaps you really enjoy the outdoors and all nature has to offer. Our … Continued

Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit on a Budget

Natural disasters can happen anywhere. If you were facing an extended power outage or emergency situation would you be prepared to survive on a moments notice? According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) almost 60% of American adults haven’t participated … Continued

The Yard Sale Challenge

So, you want to have a yard sale.  That’s great, and with the right preparation and effort, sales can be quite profitable, but if you don’t plan well you may end up wasting a lot of time and energy for … Continued

30 Day Frugal Living Challenge

30 Day Frugal Living “Break Free” Challenge

Frugality isn’t about deprivation. It’s a mindset that embraces challenging yourself to make the most of what you have while reducing waste and eliminating stress. Many people associate frugal living with obsessive coupon clipping, scraping, scrimping and doing without. This … Continued

Top 10 Winter Grocery Saving Tips

The holiday season is almost here and it can lead to out of control food bills without careful planning. Not only do we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the associated festivities, but sporting events like the Super Bowl have become one … Continued