4 Ways to Pay Off Debt Quickly | Cashback Loans

4 Ways to Pay Off Debt Quickly

Debt isn’t fun thing to have hanging over your head. Even if you only have a small amount of debt, there’s no doubt it’s causing you some stress. That’s why you should make it your goal to pay off as … Continued

7 Tips to Make Tax Time Easier

  7 Tips to Make Tax Time Easier Now that the holidays are behind us, tax season is the next financial hurdle faced by many. Although the filing deadline for your 2017 income tax year is not until April 17, … Continued

3 Top Gift Ideas

  3 Top Gift Ideas The season for twinkling lights, greenery, and pretty ornaments is finally upon us. In fact, retailers have long-ago put these things out to decorate for the holidays. Their pretty displays encourage holiday shopping and make … Continued

20 Gift Ideas Under $20

20 Gift Ideas for Under $20

It’s understandable that many people turn to credit cards or other financing at this time of year. With all the regular expenses, plus food, decorations, and other holidays items, it can get expensive quickly! Not to mention putting presents under … Continued

Save money on Thanksgiving dinner | Cashback Loans

10 Tips to Save on Thanksgiving Staples

Most people think Christmas is an expensive holiday. They don’t usually consider that if you are on a budget, Thanksgiving isn’t cheap either. When you don’t have much wiggle room in your finances, spending extra money for a Thanksgiving meal … Continued