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Are you trying to get a handle on your personal finances this year? Why not enlist your smartphone to help you? There are tons of great personal finance apps out there that can help you make a budget and stick to it, analyze your spending habits, help you pay bills, save you money on groceries, and even invest your pocket change. Many of these apps are free, and nearly all are easy to use. Let’s look at six great personal finance apps you should download to start managing your money more effectively today.


The All-in-One: Mint

If you are looking for a personal finance app that does just about everything, Mint by Intuit is the way to go. Mint allows you to build and manage a personal budget, monitor all of your bank accounts, and track and pay all of your bills. The app has a great interface that makes it really easy to understand the status of all your cash inflows and outflows in real time. Mint also sends users alerts letting them know when to pay bills, or when your account is running low on funds; it even warns you when it detects suspicious transactions as well. 

Mint | Personal Finance Apps


Analyze Your Spending Habits with Clarity Money

Clarity | Personal Finance Apps

Having a budget is only part of the puzzle when it comes to getting your finances under control; you also have to understand how and where you spend your hard-earned dollars. Clarity Money is an amazing app that can help you do that. Clarity Money will enable you to review all of your financial accounts and activities, analyze your spending and saving habits, and help you determine the best ways to save more and spend less. This app will look at your credit card accounts and how you use them, and work to find better card deals to save you money; it will even analyze all the subscription apps on your mobile devices, and make recommendations for canceling the ones you don’t use.


Split the Tab with Venmo

Do your roommates and you have trouble putting your money together to pay your rent and other household bills? Do you frequently go to bars and restaurants with large groups, and struggle to divide up the tab? If so, you all should download the Venmo app today. This free app makes it really easy to instantly pay shared expenses. Venmo is also a great mobile payment app as well. It can link to your bank account or store credit on the app, too.

Venmo| Personal Finance Apps


Track all Your Debts with IOU – Debt Manager

IOU | Personal Finance Apps

Do you get and give small loans of petty cash to people on a routine basis? Do you run a small club that has to track all of the dues and other member fees, or do you manage the office lunch pool? If so, IOU – Debt Manager might be a great fit for you. The app makes it simple to record and track all of your outstanding personal debts and loans. It can provide you automated email reminders for when payments are due, and will help you generate reports to track your debt history. IOU – Debt Manager can even help you keep track of personal items you’ve loaned out to other people, like books and tools.


Save Money at the Supermarket with Ibotta

Groceries are likely one of your biggest personal expenses, and clipping coupons isn’t the only way to save money at the checkout line these days; you can also use great apps like Ibotta. Ibotta offers thousands of rebates on commonly purchased grocery items from nearly every major supermarket chain. You can search for and choose rebates by item or by store. After you purchase the item, simply scan the product’s barcode and the receipt, and Ibotta credits your account with the rebate instantly. Ibotta frequently offers promotions that allow you to earn even more money for your account, by redeeming a certain number of rebates. Once you have over $20.00 in your Ibotta account, you can transfer the funds to PayPal.

Ibotta | Personal Finance Apps


Micro Invest with Acorns

Do you want to earn a return each year with digital pocket change that you don’t even pay any attention to? Then you need to download the Acorns app right away. Acorns links to your credit cards. When you make a credit card purchase, acorn automatically rounds that purchase up to the nearest dollar, and invests those pennies, dimes and nickels into an exchange traded fund of your choice. There are hundreds of companies aligned with acorn now that will also invest small rebate amounts in your Acorns account. If you start using Acorns now, you can close out 2018 next December with hundreds of dollars in an account you barely paid attention to!

Acorns | Personal Finance Apps


Parting Thoughts

The start of a new year is a great time to begin improving your financial situation. All of these personal finance apps are proven winners, and can help you track and save money using your mobile device. So what are you waiting for? Download these apps, and take control of your finances today!

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