MoneyGram® is one of the most convenient ways to send money to family and friends around the corner or around the World. When you need to effortlessly pay a bill, MoneyGram payments make it easy. As a MoneyGram® affiliate, Cashback Loans offers a variety of services to make paying your bills and sending cash to family and friends a safe and enjoyable experience.

MoneyGram® Services

At Cashback Loans, we offer the following MoneyGram® services:

MoneyGram® Transfers

With over 200 countries around the world accepting MoneyGram® Transfers, this is the perfect way to securely send money to your friends and family. Since it is a digital transaction, you can transfer money in as little as 10 minutes.

Payment Services

MoneyGram® Payment Services allow you to effortlessly pay your bills and stay connected to your close ones, no matter where you are. Keep your mortgage, utilities, and other bills efficiently in one place and make your payments securely. For more information on MoneyGram® Payment Services, call or visit your nearest Cashback Loans location.

Money Orders

Sending money to friends and family through the mail can be stressful and dangerous. With MoneyGram® Money Orders, you can send legitimate payments around the world with enhanced security features for your protection. Now, there’s no need to worry about bounced checks or fraud.

To learn more about our MoneyGram® services, come into a Cashback Loans location near you or call us at (844)-489-4880 today!