Ways to make extra money before Christmas

I just did the math and realized it’s 7 weeks until Christmas!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s sneaking up on me this year. I haven’t yet bought a single gift.

Even though the time will pass quickly, I am confident that I have enough money set aside to pay for everything because saving for Christmas is part of my monthly budget all year long.

However, I’m sure that’s not the case with everyone.

Perhaps you’re someone who hasn’t been saving for Christmas. If that is the case you may be considering pulling out your credit card.

Instead of racking up debt, why not try one of these 7 ways to make extra money before Christmas.

1. Sell Stuff You Don’t Use

Almost everyone has at least a few items around their home or apartment that aren’t being used. I know I do!

Rather than holding onto this excess stuff, why not sell it? Doing so could be a way to make extra money before Christmas so you can buy gifts for everyone on your list.

Try selling your stuff online. There are tons of websites you can use, like eBay, Craigslist, and even Facebook. Most things sell better this way than at a garage sale anyway. On the other hand, large items like furniture may bring more if sold on consignment.

2. Become an Uber Driver

Ways to make extra money before ChristmasAnother way you can make extra money before Christmas is by signing up to drive with Uber. You may be able to finish your application in just a few days and then start making money.

Uber pays weekly and you have control over your schedule, which makes this a great side hustle to try in addition to your job. If you drive during peak times when rates are higher for riders, you’ll earn more money faster.

Ways to make extra money before Christmas3. Trade in Gift Cards

If you have any unused gift cards at home you may be able to use them to pay for Christmas, or trade them for cash instead. There are several different websites you can go to that will give you cash in exchange for the card.

You may not even lose that much of the value of the card. For instance, Cashback Loans provides a free, online quote on what you’re gift card will net you.

4. Hire Out Your Services

Do you have skills other people don’t? If so, you may be able to hire yourself out. Not only would you be providing a service to them, you could pick up some extra cash for Christmas.

Busy people can’t always get everything done they need to on their own. Therefore, they will pay money to others to help them. That’s where you come in.

If you are good with kids, consider babysitting. Or if pets are more your thing you could be a dog sitter or dog walker. Maybe you would rather do handyman projects around the house.

You could turn any of these into extra cash by hiring yourself out. And depending on your knowledge and abilities, you could end up making a bundle by the time the holidays roll around.

5. Be Someone’s Elf

One fun and interesting way to make extra money before Christmas to become someone else’s elf. In other words, offer to do their shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, and other holiday errands.

Obviously you would do all of this for a fee. But you would be amazed at how many people may hire you to do the things they either have no time for or no skill to do well.

Ways to make extra money before Christmas6. Clean

As the holidays approach people’s schedules get busier and busier. In addition, they may have company who will stay with them for the holidays. You may be able to cash in on that by offering to clean their home for them.

When you are skilled and quick at providing this service, you will likely have people busting down your door to get you to clean for them too. Another reason for this is because not many people like to clean their homes. So, if you like to clean, use this to your financial advantage.

7. Detail Cars

Again, since most of us hate to clean, we probably don’t clean our cars any better than our homes. In fact, we do worse at it in most cases.

Advertise to clean both exterior and interior surfaces and you could have a side business that pays for everything on your Christmas list.

Financial stress is all too common around the holidays because we all want to get gifts that make our friends and family feel special. But, opting to earn extra money to pay for Christmas can help ease your financial worry so you can enjoy the holiday season to its fullest.

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