Easter is right around the corner. This is a fun time of year because spring has begun and you can get together with family to celebrate and enjoy a delicious meal.

Most kids enjoy Easter because they get fun treats like Easter baskets along with the opportunity to hunt for eggs and take pictures with the Easter bunny.

Making Easter special for your kids doesn’t have to bust your budget but there are so many costs that can easily add up. Here are some practical ways to spoil your kids at Easter with goodies, prizes, and activities without actually spoiling your budget.

DIY the Easter Baskets

Store-bought Easter baskets can seem convenient because they are already packed with treats, wrapped and ready to go. However, the average ready-made Easter basket for a child can cost $20. Personalized baskets can cost even more. If you have three kids to buy baskets for, that means you can expect to spend around $60. Not to mention, most ready-made baskets are packed pretty light when it comes to candy and toys.

To save money, make your own Easter baskets for your kids. You don’t have to be super creative to pull this off. You can purchase a basket from the dollar store or reuse baskets from a previous year.

The grass stuffing can also be purchased at the dollar store along with plastic eggs so you can fill them with candy.

Limit your kids to choosing one gift or surprise to go in their Easter basket. There’s no need to stuff it with tons of toys.

Limit the Candy

You don’t need to stuff baskets with a ton of candy due to all the sugar. Instead, buy one to two bags of candy in bulk at a warehouse club like Costco and divvy it up between each person’s basket.

No need to get extra to keep around the house or offer to guests. Also, don’t feel pressured to grab those expensive chocolate Easter bunny candies when you can just buy a package of fun-size chocolate.

Mix it up by including other healthier snack options in your DIY Easter basket like fruit, packs of raw nuts, or bags of homemade popcorn.

Reuse Supplies

Make it a habit to reuse Easter decor and supplies each year. For example, a package of plastic eggs isn’t that expensive, and there’s also no need to buy it again each year.

Save what you have and reuse it. You can do the same thing with Easter crafts and activities. Save your egg dye if you don’t use it all up one year. Hold onto special books you wish to share with your kids around the holidays and reuse any special crafts your kids make at school for decor around the house.

Attend Free Events

See if your area has any free Easter events you can attend with your family. Lots of churches and organizations host free Easter egg hunts each year. In fact, most cities have egg hunts, craft fairs and other Easter themed events. Check social media or your daily paper to be in the know.

Some places may even have free or affordable breakfast events where your kids can dine with the Easter bunny.

As always, you can host your own events at home for free. Set up an Easter egg hunt in your backyard and invite a few kids over. Boil eggs that you can dye then eat them for breakfast with toast on Easter morning.

You can also rent holiday-themed movies and books from your local library.

Take Advantage of Hand-Me-Downs

Easter outfits can be another big expense that you may not consider right off the bat. While it’s understandable to want your kids to look nice in a suit or pretty dress, it’s important to realize that they may only wear it once.

Buying elaborate Easter outfits really isn’t necessary when you can find perfectly good used outfits at thrift stores or as hand-me-downs from people you know. Maybe a child in your family has a nice suit that they can no longer fit.

Check the Facebook Marketplace for affordable Easter outfits as well. If you’re looking for dresses, realize you have a lot of flexibility and don’t have to settle for whatever stores are advertising. Just choose your style and color scheme, then see if you can find anything used at a discount.

Shop Smart For What You Need

If you must go to the store to buy new items, shop smart and utilize holiday sales. Check out Offers.com for a list of retailers who are offering Easter sales.

You may find coupons and offers that you can take advantage of to cut costs.

When it comes to food, most traditional Easter foods like ham, turkey, vegetables, scalloped potatoes, pie, and eggs will already be on sale. Treat your family to a nice homecooked Easter dinner that fits right within your budget.

You can even assign each family member a task in the kitchen so that preparing the meal can be a true team effort.

The holidays provide a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy time with family. You don’t need to have a huge budget to spoil your kids at Easter and experience new things.

Parents can use these tips to generate massive savings as you celebrate Easter this year. What’s your best way to save money?

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