Spring is upon us, even if it is still cold and snowing in some areas. If you’re like most people, spring is your time of year to do some major cleaning.

While you can dust, clean, and declutter your home all year round, after the mess of winter, and with renewed energy thanks to the warmer weather, spring just seems like the ideal time to do so. That being said, although a refreshed home is wonderful, all your hard work could stand to benefit you even more.

You never know what you’ll find while decluttering your home. As you’re spring cleaning your home, consider these five ways you can earn cash from your spring cleaning efforts.

Host a Yard Sale

Thanks to the about perfect weather that spring brings, the coming months are the perfect time to hold a garage sale. Whether you find a treasure trove of items you’ve barely used or ones you simply no longer need, a yard sale can be an easy way to get rid of the excess.

From decor to furniture to sports equipment, by setting up a nice display, pricing items reasonably, and posting some advertisements around your community, you can earn more than you might think.

See our complete yard sale guide for the most organized and most profitable yard sale yet.

Profit on Old Clothes

Clothes can be difficult to get rid of. They usually cost you a fair amount, which can make it hard to simply give them away. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to earn money on your old wardrobe.

Consignment stores, online and in-person, are a great way to get rid of old clothes for money. If you have gently-used, brand-name or designer items, your local consignment or vintage shop is likely to give you a fair pay-out. And if online is more your thing, sites like ThreadUp, Ebay, and Tradesy can help you sell items from the comfort of your home.

Cash In on Old Electronics

Between your computers, tablets, and phones, you no doubt trade up for new models every couple of years. Once you do, however, you most likely hold on to the older models for lack of knowing just what to do with them.

If you don’t see yourself using your old electronics again, consider selling them on sites like gazelle.com. Depending on the year of your device, they may offer you cash, trade-ins, or provide free recycling. Or, if you have a Best Buy nearby, you can recycle your old technology for gift cards, which you could use toward a future purchase.

Earn on Old Media

Books, DVDs, and CDs, while fun to collect, take up a lot of space. And as your tastes change and as more media is available to stream anytime online, you might find a selection that you no longer have the desire to keep.

While you might not receive a large amount for these items, depending on your collection, it may worth trying to sell online.

eBay, Craigslist, and Bookscouter are all great avenues to sell your old media through. Unless you have a rare book or movie, you won’t make hundreds, but you’ll still make enough to not feel as though you’re just giving those items away.

Donate for a Tax Break

Unfortunately, some things are merely too old or just don’t sell. In that case, giving them away is usually your only option. Places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are always willing to take items off your hands.

But, donating them doesn’t necessarily have to be a total loss. Track the value of the items you donate and keep receipts. Depending on the amount, you could benefit from a tax break by itemizing your donations come tax season.

A refreshed home and decluttered life is a fantastic feeling. Spring cleaning might take some time and hard work, but starting the new season off fresh can be a great motivator. Nonetheless, carefully consider the items you own before simply giving them away. They could earn you more extra cash than you might realize.

What are some sites or places you’ve found useful when selling old items? What do you consider when trying to decide what to get rid of and what to keep?

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