As with any kind of borrowing, it’s important to consider the implications of taking out a payday loan before you get one. One common question that many find themselves asking is, “Will taking out a payday loan negatively affect my credit score?”

It’s an important concern to have, especially considering that a bad credit score can lead to financial roadblocks in the future. However, the answer to that question is often no, a payday loan doesn’t always negatively impact your credit score.

how will payday loan affect credit score

What Is a Payday Loan, and How Can it Affect My Credit Score?

A payday loan is a quick-to-get (often instant) loan which has a short borrowing period. The name comes from the fact that you generally take out the loan to pay for something before your next payday, as you are only going to be borrowing for a short time.

To understand how credit scores come into play when taking out a payday loan, keep in mind that taking out a payday loan generally won’t improve your credit score. But since it is a short-term loan, most people who take out a payday loan are primarily concerned with keeping their score intact and not negatively impacting it.

Here are the main ways you can be sure your payday loan won’t bring your score down:

No Credit Checks

An added bonus to payday loans being short-term is that payday lenders often don’t need to do a credit check before lending you a payday loan. This is beneficial not only for those who already have bad credit and need a short-term loan, but also for those who don’t want to negatively affect their current score by taking out the loan. Getting a credit check often negatively impacts your score, so by foregoing this part of the loan process, you can maintain your credit score.

On-Time Payments

Generally speaking, the only way your credit score will be negatively affected by taking out a payday loan is if you fail to make your payments according to the loan terms. It’s important to keep in mind that on-time payments are the best way to ensure your credit score isn’t affected. 

Fortunately, because the loan is short-term and you are required to give proof of consistent income before receiving it, paying it back using a subsequent paycheck is usually not a problem for most people.

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Working with a Reliable Lender

Many payday loan lenders work as third-party lenders, incurring additional fees and making your loan more complex than is needed. With third-party lenders, you have less privacy and less control over how your credit score will be affected in the process of getting a loan.

When you decide to take out a payday loan, make sure you are working with a direct payday loan lender who clearly defines the loan agreement. You can avoid negative impacts to your credit score as you work with a lender whose fees and terms are upfront and honest.

All in all, it isn’t difficult to avoid negatively impacting your credit score when taking out a payday loan. Because the loan is short-term and lenders don’t have to run credit checks, by making on-time payments and working with a reliable lender, you can keep your score intact.

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