National Live Creative Day

National Live Creative Day is September 14. It was started by a marketing company to promote the benefits of adding a dash of creativity to your day, every day. Creativity is essential to a healthy life and many don’t recognize … Continued

How to Save Money on Kids Sports

Registering your kids for organized sports is a fun way to keep them busy and active. It’s a great way to encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, communication and self-confidence. Not to mention, team sports give a focus on physical fitness – an … Continued

Back to School Savings Guide

Did you know the average cost of back to school spending for kids from K-12 is $634.78 per child? Whoa! That’s a lot, especially when several kids are involved. Do you also have a big kid going to college soon? … Continued

Make The Most of Amazon’s Prime Day

Prime Day, Amazon’s 48-hour-long answer to Black Friday, provides customers’ across the tech giant’s business the chance to make significant summer savings on a variety of products starting on July 15th. There is just one catch, you have to be … Continued