How best to make Halloween Savings

Halloween is the “kick-off” holiday that starts us rolling all the way to the end of the year. While most people plan ahead and budget for Thanksgiving and Christmas, many people don’t think about Halloween savings, despite expenses stacking up … Continued

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October’s Top 10 Ways to Save

The fourth quarter is perhaps the most expensive time of the year. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it seems expenses run rampant. Cashback Loans has these ideas to help you save during October.

Holiday Budget Preparation for Millennials

The holiday season is many people’s favourite time of the year. But whilst it presents a welcome opportunity to reconnect with friends and family and spend time at home, the Christmas period is often an expensive one for shoppers. The … Continued

Millennial Job Opportunities

In today’s fast-paced economy, millennials may not have the same job security as their parents and grandparents, but they do have more options than ever before when considering educational and career paths. This is largely the result of the technological … Continued

Money-Saving Winter Prep Guide

Fall is here and there is plenty to look forward to. But the coming months are the ideal time to undertake some money saving winter-prep before all the distractions of the holiday season. For most, the winter cold brings potentially … Continued

Grand Parents visiting Christmas

Saving for Christmas: A week-by-week guide

A survey by the American Psychological Association found that thirty-eight percent of respondents reported their stress level increased during the holiday season. The top stressors they listed were lack of time and money, the pressures of gift-giving and family gatherings. … Continued